The Great American Ammo Crisis is Upon Us and Could be PERMANENT

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Remarkable Device Instantly Removes 99.99% of Harmful Substances from Nearly Any Contaminated Water Source!

This is Critical Item to Have for Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking and for Your Emergency Disaster Kits…

Dear Fellow Outdoorsmen and Preppers,

You’re going to be blown away at what this amazing portable water filtration survival pump can do.

In mere seconds, you can safely remove up to 99.99% of harmful substances out of almost any water source by simply pumping the water through this miraculous, life-saving device. 

In the photos below, you’ll see how we ran water from this disgusting, bacteria-infested pond through the Patriot Survival Filter and instantly transformed it into crystal clear drinking water this is completely safe to consume!
This remarkable device works by running the contaminated water through a unique triple-filter system.

First is the pre-filter that blocks larger debris and creates a barrier against protozoa and other bacteria. 

The carbon filter comes next. It works to reduce heavy metals and pollutants and improve the overall taste of the water. 

And lastly water passes through a micron filter where it removes any contaminants missed at the first two filters.
And this is one incredibly effective filtration system. It can produce over 3000 liters of safe drinking water with an incredible flow rate of 1400 milliliters per minute!

With the Patriot Survival Filter, you’ll have complete peace of mind on your next outdoor adventure that you can safely drink from ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams without worry of getting sick or worse. 

This is a must-have for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, cycling, backpacking and more. 

It’s also critical for families to have in their home disaster preparedness kit and bugout bags for emergencies and natural disasters. 

Don’t take chances with your access to safe drinking water. Order the Patriot Survival Filter Today!

The #1 Item to Have in a Crisis or Disaster

The disaster preparedness industry loves to sell you survival food, but let’s face it, the threat of dehydration is significantly higher in a crisis than starving to death. 

That’s why having access to clean drinking water should be the top priority in your survival planning. 

This is true whether you’re planning for survival in the wild during a camping or hiking trip…
Or whether you’re planning long term survival from natural disasters or other major crises. 

But if you’re simply relying on stockpiles of bottled water, I’ve got bad news for you.

That water will be GONE fast! Unless you’ve got pallets of bottled water stored for a disaster, chances are you are underprepared. 

If you encounter a prolonged crisis or disaster, you will no doubt run out of bottled water. 

This is when you have no choice but to hope and pray that FEMA or the Red Cross comes along to give you more water to survive. 
That’s why the Patriot Survival Filter is such a lifesaver. It can generate hundreds of gallons of safe drinking water from storm runoff, lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds and more. 

Simply place the filtered end of the tubing into the dirty water source and the other end into a bottle or pitcher then start pumping the handle… 

…And in seconds you will have access to safe drinking water that is clear of viruses, bacteria, parasites and more. 

Thoroughly TESTED to Give you 100% Peace of Mind…

Before we even considered selling this life-saving device, we put on our lab coats and put it to the test! 

First, we collected nasty, algae-infested water from a stagnant local pond and collected it into a milk jug. 
Next, we brought the potentially toxic water back to our lab for testing.

We used a popular and trusted water testing kit from Enviro Test Kits to check the water for up to 50 different species of common coliform bacteria.

To do this, we poured some of the dirty pond water into a vial, added drops from the testing kit solution and shook it up then waited 3 days for the water test kit to do its trick.
After 3 days, the water in the vial turned green, which meant it had tested POSITIVE for a multitude of bacteria, viruses and other bad stuff. 
Now that we knew the pond water we had collected was contaminated, we were ready to run it through the Patriot Survival Filter

We then pumped infected water through the pump and in seconds it was crystal clear to the naked eye.
The final thing we needed to do was test the filtered water with the same testing kit we had run the dirty water through previously. 

So, we added the clear water to the vial, added in the drops, shook it up and waited 3 more days. 

The results were outstanding! The test vial turned yellow, which meant the water was 100% FREE of any contagions including viruses, bacteria, parasites and staph. 
To make sure we were confident, we tested the water several more times and each time the Patriot Survival Filter was perfect in its ability to clean this previously contaminated water source!

The Great American Ammo Crisis is Upon Us and Could be PERMANENT

Claim a FREE Copy of AMMO INDEPENDENCE Today and Learn How to Survive ANY Ammo Crisis and Build Your 10k Bullet Stockpile!

Don’t Get Caught in the Wilderness without Your PATRIOT SURVIVAL FILTER!

If you’re an avid outdoorsman and enjoy activities such as…

…hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, and cycling…

…then you will want to keep this light weight and portable survival filter in your backpack. 

You never know when you could be lost or stranded without water, and this is the only way you can have confidence that you can SAFELY DRINK from ponds, streams, lakes, rivers and other water sources. 
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 Q. Will I be able to track my order after purchase? 

 Q. Will the Patriot Survival Filter fit in my Backpack or Bugout Bag?

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